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Passenger Transport Software

Our first passenger transport software (MPS) was written in 1989 and has been continuously enhanced. The latest web version is now being used by several London boroughs to manage their entire passenger transport operation. In 2014 we launched our new web system which includes all the features you will need to manage an SEN type home to school operation, in one fully integrated online program - intranet or web options.

The software includes a route scheduler and optimiser that allows you to plot the best route options for up to 300 passengers in one go - simply state the maximum time each passenger can be on a vehicle and the system will build the optimum route plan for you.

What does it do?

Easily manage your trips, one-off and recurring jobs, passengers, venues, vehicles and accounts. staff timesheets, police CRB checks, training courses and licences for drivers - as well as tax, MOT, licence requirements and servicing for vehicles.

Contact us for a demo system login and you could be testing the system within 24 hours.