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Mission Psychometric Software

In partnership with a major London financial recruitment agency, we have developed an intuitive web based system, combining knowledge and psychometric assessments plus sophisticated psychological techniques that identify areas for individual and organisational performance improvements.

What does it do?

The software tests individual personality traits beyond the conscious.

It assesses and records:

  • Attitudes to Risk and Error
  • How an individual views their work and core values
  • Attitudes to race, gender & other equality issues
  • What kind of people you really have working for you
  • Analyse by individual, department and organisation

Business Benefits

It will enable you to:

  • Focus on individual & psychological motivations
  • Analyse an employee’s “risk appetite” or “play safe appetite”
  • Analyse if staff are really in the right role
  • Improve financial performance by reducing exposure to risk in business & financial sectors
  • Improve corporate governance arrangements & controls
  • Reduce the potential for internal fraud
  • Improve risk assessment modelling & audit controls
  • Increase compliance assurance & testing capability
  • Enhance regulatory arrangements & verification